Zarfam 2.6 * 5.6 prefabricated swimming pool


Zarfam prefabricated pool

One of the most popular and cost-effective prefabricated pools of Zarfam is 2.6*5.6

These dimensions are among the productions of 2022, which have been greatly appreciated due to their special design and reasonable price. Technical experts have tried to design this pool to have a high useful space. For optimal space, this pool has a capacity of 20,000 liters of water, the entrance steps are built in the corner of the pool

If the space is limited to install a pool, the 2.6*5.6 one is a suitable option. As mentioned, despite its small size, this pool has a large useful space

Specifications of Zarfam 2.6*5.6 prefabricated swimming pools

This product has 5.6 m length, 2.6 m width, and 150 cm depth with steps for entering the pool, a capacity of 16,000 liters of water and a weight of 380 kg

Also, this product can be installed in the following 3 ways

Burial (in ground)

Semi-burial (half inside, half outside the ground)

Above ground

Plumbing and installation

Filling around the pool

Landscaping and road

Placement of the pool

Installation instruction

Installation steps of Zarfam prefabricated swimming pools

Installation location


Leveling and preparing the installation bed

Landscaping and commissioning 

استخرهای پیش ساخته 5.6x2.6 زرفام

Advantages of Zarfam 2.6 * 5.6 prefabricated swimming pools

Unique design and high useful space

Strong and long life

Resistant to cold and heat