Zarfam 3*6 prefabricated swimming pool

Zarfam prefabricated pool

One of the dimensions of the Zarfam prefabricated pool is 3 * 6 meters. This pool is designed in a rectangular shape, with steps for easier entry and exit, which eliminates the need for a pool ladder
This pool, like other Zarfam pools, is produced as a single mold in the Shahriar factory in Tehran, so they do not need waterproofing. These pools are installed within 24-48 hours

Specifications of Zarfam 3 * 6 prefabricated pools

This prefabricated swimming pool has 160 cm depth, 520 kg weighs, and a capacity of 20,000 liters of water. This product can be installed buried (inside the ground), semi-buried (half inside, half outside the ground) and on the ground

It should be noted that if a swimming pool is used on the floors of a building or in the roof garden, the structure must be able to withstand the weight of the pool and the water inside it. If needed, after visiting your place, the official agents of the company can give the necessary advice regarding whether to install or not install a swimming pool

Peripheral equipment of Zarfam 3 * 6 prefabricated swimming pool

Waterproof halogen lights

Skimmer to collect floating objects on the surface of the water

Inlet nozzlesWater 

outlet fittingt

استخرهای پیش ساخته 6x3 زرفام


No need for sealing

Fast installation (24-48 hours)

Easy transportation


Warranty and after-sales service

Low maintenance cos