prefabricated jacuzzi 2.4*2.4

Specifications of Zarfam 2.4 * 2.4 prefabricated hot tub

Zarfam prefabricated hot tub is 2.4 m long and 2.4 m wide. This hot tub can be installed and run on the roof garden, rooftop, yard, garden and villa.

The internal stairs are designed as sitting platforms for people.

The special and unique design of this hot tub multiplies the beauty of the environment. This hot tub can be installed as buried, semi-buried and on the ground. This hot tub is licensed by Mixonal Germany, has a 5-year warranty, and 20 years of after-sales service.

Comes with a grill

Kinds of Zarfam prefabricated fiberglass pool installation boxes

For pool equipment, an indoor space equipped with electricity, plumbing, gas and ventilation system is needed. This covered space is called engine room. Building an engine room has problems such as high cost, being time-consuming, occupying a large part of the space.

In this regard, Farasakht Novin Zarfam Co. has produced a fiberglass installation box to replace the treatment plant. These boxes are light and resistant, anti-moisture and anti-rust with the ability to install and move easily in 3 models: full package, optimal and economical.

Full package model installation box

Filtration pump

Sand filter

Linear chlorination

Pool sweeper

Inlet valve

Pipes and fittings

Heat exchanger

Waterproof fiberglass box

Optimal model installation box

Economic model installation box

Equipment inside the box

Pool Pump

The pool pump is the heart of any pool water filter system. These pumps, by sucking water from the pool bowl, pass it through the filter and other pool water disinfection equipment and return the purified water to the pool bowl.

Sand filter

Using a sand filter is one of the best ways to reduce the concentration of suspended solids in water. This device passes the water containing turbidity through a bed containing sand and silica grains. As a result of the water passing through the sand bed, suspended water particles are trapped between the sand particles and the water is almost free of suspended substances and turbidity.

Linear chlorination

This linear chlorinator can be used for all types of private and public pools, hot tubs, and water purification and disinfection systems. To use these devices, it is enough to put chlorine tablets of the right size inside them and disinfect by adjusting the required output. The operation method of linear chlorinator is that chlorine tablets are placed in the chlorine tank according to the size of the device suitable for the volume of the pool, and they are placed in the piping route of the filtered water returned to the pool, after the filter or after the exchanger. According to the degree on the device, the amount of chlorine output can be controlled to some extent.

Pool sweeper

A pool sweeper is an accessory for pool cleaning, which is responsible for collecting and cleaning heavy and settled suspended materials. This device can clean the garbage inside the pool and any kind of dirt on the floor and walls of the pool.

Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company

Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company, a subsidiary of Franegar Zarfam Holding, has been working in the field of production and technology transfer of the composite industry and providing services to the owners of various industries in Iran since 2005.

This knowledge-based company, relying on the power of experienced engineers and designers, produces up-to-date and efficient products in the fields of construction, petrochemical, power plants and various other industries.

One of the activities of Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company is the production of prefabricated fiberglass pools.

Taking into account the change in lifestyle and the need of families today to increase the quality of life and improve health and comfort, this company has provided fiberglass pools through the technical knowledge of engineers and under the license of Mixonall, Germany.

Project planning and control

Project planning and control in the organization is defined and prioritized according to the macro strategies of the organization and taking into account the needs of customers and the market elasticity of the projects, which need to be managed and controlled according to the schedule and budgeting with standard methods.

The purpose of this company to create project planning and control is:

Responding to the needs of senior management of the organization

Project monitoring and control to ensure the fulfillment of your customers’ needs

Systematic implementation of activities in projects to manage the delivery time of each product

Quality Control

The quality control process at Farasakht Novin Zarfam Co. takes place in 3 stages, which include:

Control of incoming items

In-process control

3-Final product control

In the control stage, input items such as raw materials used in production are tested and inspected to ensure the quality of the purchased materials. In-process control is carried out to ensure compliance with basic instructions and designs in the production unit, which is active in all production stages.

In the final product control stage, the final manufactured product is subject to visual inspections, hydrostatic testing of straps and connections, and dimensional controls, as well as the stages of storage, transportation and loading are also carried out under the supervision of quality control. All these activities are done to ensure that the quality product reaches the hands of our dear customers and gain their satisfaction. Also, all the activities of the company, including the activities of the quality control unit, have been compiled and implemented under the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.


Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company under the license of Mixonall, Germany, has started manufacturing fiberglass swimming pools. With ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 international certificates, this company has a proven quality and capability in accordance with global standards in the composite manufacturing industry.

Certificate of appreciation

Some of the commendation plaques of Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company:

Certificate of appreciation of the 18th International Exhibition of Kitchen Industries and Equipment

Certificate of appreciation of the international exhibition of sports and sports equipment