Prefab pool

One of the most popular recreations and sports for the health of the body and soul is swimming and hydrotherapy. In addition, the use of public swimming pools may not be possible for everyone due to the restriction of breath, crowding and diseases and infections caused by the pool water. Home pools provide water sports, water therapy, exercise, relaxation and comfort, a place to play and have fun for all family members, and due to having a uniform surface, it is safer for children than concrete pools. One of the best options is to use a prefabricated Zarfam pool


استخرهای پیش ساخته 3x2 زرفام

?What is a prefabricated fiberglass pool

A prefabricated pool is a swimming pool that is produced from zero to one hundred in the factory, then sent to the intended location for installation. These pools are installed much faster than concrete pools. Fiberglass pools consist of polyester reinforced with glass fibers. These pools have a special and unique design that are produced with high precision for the safety and enjoyment of the family. The pools are manufactured in a unified manner in the factory and are installed and implemented within 7 days. Today, due to time and space limitations, prefabricated pools are one of the best alternatives to concrete pools

Zarfam prefabricated pools are durable, beautiful, can be installed in the shortest time and are licensed by Mixonal Germany. These pools have high endurance and resistance and are economically affordable. Fiberglass pool shells are flexible, have a smooth surface, and are manufactured to be strong. Unlike concrete pools, prefabricated pools do not crack easily and are much more durable in terms of structure. The most attractive advantage of Zrafam pools is the ease and speed of their installation and operation. Zarfam pools can be installed and operated within 72 hours

Prefab Zarfam fiberglass pools, under the license of Mixonal, Germany, are produced in the form of an integrated mold in the factory and do not need a waterproofing material. Due to the very high resistance of composites against corrosion and decay caused by chemical and acid reactions or heat, they have found a special place in the construction industry

  Fiberglass pools are antibacterial, anti-algae and anti-fungal and resistant to UV rays and withstand temperature changes from -50 to +50 degrees Celsius. Also, they do not need reinforcement, concreting and tiling

The technology used in Zarfam fiberglass pool is in accordance with the best technology in the world and unlike the polyethylene pool, it is very resistant to sunlight and indestructible. Polyethylene pools decompose in sunlight after 3 years. Also, compared to regular concrete pools, while being economical, they have higher strength and longevity and have a much lower maintenance cost

Another advantage of prefabricated pools is their portability. The concrete pools in residential buildings or private villas add a heavy cost to the building charge or the current costs of maintaining the villa. While the new generation of Zarfam fiberglass pools do not require periodic service and dredging for use and are ready for use by spending only 15 minutes a week