Zarfam 3 * 8 prefabricated swimming pool


Zarfam prefabricated pool

One of the most popular sizes of Zarfam pools among customers is 3*8. This size has been produced since the beginning of the process of building pools in the factory. One of the reasons for the popularity of this size pool is that it is 2-depth. The depth of the 3*8 pool is 1 m in the shallow part and 1.6 m in the deep part. Why is this pool designed with 2 depths

Taking into account all age groups (from children and minors, youth to middle-aged people), this 2-depth pool is designed to meet the needs of all age groups. The shallow part of this pool is intended for elderly people to walk in the water, children to play, and the deep part for youth and middle-aged people to swim

Specification of Zarfam 3*8 prefabricated swimming pool

This rectangular pool with a unique, beautiful design and high useful space has a weight of 650 kg and a capacity of 28,000 liters of water. Also, in this pool, there are stairs that make it easy to enter the pool and lift you up from the pool ladder. Also, young people can use these stairs in the summer for sunbathing.This pool can also be buried, semi-buried and on the ground. Also, Zarfam pools have a 5-year warranty and 20-year after-sales service  

Plumbing and installation

Filling around the pool

Landscaping and road

Placement of the pool

Installation instruction

Installation steps of Zarfam prefabricated swimming pools

Installation location


Leveling and preparing the installation bed

Landscaping and commissioning 

استخرهای پیش ساخته 8x3 زرفام

Peripheral equipment of Zarfam 3 * 8 prefabricated swimming pool

Waterproof hal

ogen lights

Skimmer to collect floating objects on the surface of the water

Inlet nozzlesWater 

outlet fittingt