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آیکون استخر زرفام
One week delivery
آیکون استخر زرفام
Beautiful and durable
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Anti bacterial
آیکون استخر زرفام
آیکون استخر زرفام
آیکون استخر زرفام
آیکون استخر زرفام
after sales service
آیکون استخر زرفام
No need for water sealing
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Easy transportation
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Low maintenance cost
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Novin Zarfam Farasakht Company, a subsidiary of Frangar Zarfam Holding, has been working in the field of manufacturing and transferring composit industry . technology and providing services to the owners of various industries in the country since 2004. This knowledge-based company, relying on the power of experienced engineers and designers, produces up-to-date and efficient products in the fields of construction, petrochemical, power plants and various other industries. Taking into account the change in lifestyle and the need of families today to improve the quality of life and improve the health of the mind and body at home, Novin Zarfam Construction Company has presented fiberglass pools through the technical knowledge of engineers and under .the license of Mixonall Germany

Some products of Zarfam pool

 استخر پیش ساخته 2*3

Pool 2*3

Volume: 4000L
Depth: 130Cm
Weight: 180±10kg

استخر پیش ساخته 5.6*2.6


Volume: 16000L
Depth: 140Cm
Weight: 380±20kg

 استخر پیش ساخته 6*3

Pool 3*6

Size: 3*6m
Volume: 2000L
Depth: 160Cm
Weight: 520±30kg

استخر پیش ساخته ۳.۸*۱۰

Pool 3*8

Size: 3*8m
Volume: 28000L
Depth: 100Cm - 160Cm
Weight: 650±30kg

 استخر پیش ساخته 8*3

Pool 3.8*10

Size: 3.8*10m
Volume: 55000L
Depth: 160 Cm
Weight:110±50 kg

جکوزی پیش ساخته

Jacuzzi 2.4*2.4

size: 2.4x2.4 m
Volume: 2000 L
Depth: 105 Cm
Weight: 100±15 kg

تخت استخر

Pool Bed

Size: 170*60*54 Cm
Weight: 16±1 kg
Ability to produce in various colors

استند پمپ

Pump Stand

Size: 52*31*22Cm
Weight: 2.5±0.5 kg
Ability to produce in various colors

باکس تاسیسات

Equipment Box

Purification pump
Sand filter
Linear chlorination
Pool sweeper
Inlet valve

تصفیه آب استخر

Water Refinery Pool

Pool water anti-algae solution
Clarifying solution
pH adjusting solution

Free accessories of Zarfam pool


Waterproof Halogen Lights

Outlet Fitting

Inlet Nozzles


To collect floating objects on the water surface

halogen lights

Waterproof halogen Lights

Inlet nozzle

Water inlet nozzle


water outlet

lunched project

استخر مارول
Prefab Zarfam pool, marble model
استخر 3در8 شهریار (تهران)
Zarfam pool in shahryar
سیسنگان نوشهر 5.5×2.5 (مازندران)
Zarfam pool in Tonkabon
استخر پیش ساخته 3در8 بندرانزلی (گیلان)
Zarfam pool in Anzali

How to install a pool


buried- pool


Semi- buried Pool

استخر روکار

Surface swimming pool

لوگو انگلیسی

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Factory:Shahryar- Kohenz Road-  Three Roads
Phone number: 02188614484 / 02188617785
Email: zarfampool [@] zarfamco [dot] com

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