Zarfam 3.8*10 prefabricated pool

prefabricated swimming pool

Currently, the largest size of Zarfam pool is 3.8 * 10 m, with a depth of 160 cm and a capacity of 55,000 liters of water. These dimensions have been produced for people who want a large prefabricated pool and have a large space. In order to use the space optimally, this pool is designed in a rectangular shape. This pool is equipped with entrance stairs

Zarfam prefabricated hot tub

Using a hot tub is a pleasant experience for many people. In recent years, the construction of hot tubs in garden yards, villas, houses, sports clubs, roof gardens, etc. has become popular. Hot tub creates a sense of relaxation and relieves pain, reduces stress, massages muscles, etc

In order to install a hot tub in the courtyard or roof garden, a material resistant to the cold and heat of the environment is needed. Also, the weight of the hot tub is important in the roof garden, because the structure must support the weight of the hot tub and the water inside it

Compared to the construction of concrete hot tubs, prefabricated hot tubs are more economical and have a long life span than concrete or inflatable hot tubs, and they have high quality and resistance

According to the required requirements, today Zarfam prefabricated fiberglass hot tub is one of the best choices. In addition to efficiency, these hot tubs have the ability to be installed and run in open and covered places

استخر پیش ساخته
استخر پیش ساخته

Advantages of Zarfam fiberglass prefabricated hot tub

Fast installation

High resistance to temperature changes

Light weight

Easy to carry


Anti-algae and fungus

No need for sealing and insulation