Zarfam 2*3 prefabricated pool

Zarfam prefabricated pool

The smallest size is the Zarfam 2*3 prefabricated pool. This pool is used both as a swimming pool and a hot tub. It can be equipped with a heating system to be used as a hot tub. There are 9 inlet nozzles, 1 outlet fitting, 1 skimmer, and 1 waterproof halogen lamp as a free sample on the shell of this pool. Also, the number of lights and nozzles can be increased at your reques

These pools have a 5-year guarantee for corrosion and decay of the composite body, and a 20-year warranty (after-sales service)

In case of installation by non-specialists not approved by Zarfam Company and in case of use other than water sports, the pool will be out of warranty

Home pools provide water sports, water therapy, exercise, relaxation and comfort, play and fun for all family members, and due to having a uniform level, it is safer for children than concrete ones

One of the best options is to use a Zarfam fiberglass prefabricated pool. These swimming pools are produced in 5 different sizes in Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company under the license of Mixonall, Germany

Specifications of Zarfam 2*3 prefabricated pools

This product has 2 m length and 3 m width with steps for a sitting platform, with a depth of 140 cm, a capacity of 4000 liters of water and a weight of 180 kg

This product can also be installed in a buried, semi-buried and surfaced way

Advantages of Zarfam 2*3 prefabricated pools

استخر پیش ساخته


Fatigue relief, muscle massage

Relaxation and stress reduction

Strengthening and improving the immune system

Relieving muscle pain

In terms of product

Can be used outdoors and indoors

Durable material of the pool body and long life

Special and unique design

Practical (both in the form of a pool and a hot tub

استخرهای پیش ساخته 3x2 زرفام


In the garden yard, villa, residential house, etc

Inside the residential floors

Sport clubs

Roof garden, rooftop, balcony