Zarfam 2 * 3.5 prefabricated pool

Zarfam prefabricated swimming pool size 2*3.5

The newest Zarfam prefabricated pool is produced in the size of 2 x 3.5 meters. This rectangular pool with spherical edges has several entrance steps

This pool, like other Zarfam pools, is produced as an integrated mold in the Shahriar factory in Tehran

The products are controlled in the quality control unit of the factory, so they are completely waterproof. These pools are installed within 24 hour

Features of 2 * 3.5 prefabricated pools of Zarfam

This prefabricated pool with a depth of 120 cm, weighs 210 kg, and has a capacity of 6,000 liters of water. This product can be installed in the form of burial (inside the ground), semi-burial (half inside, half outside the ground), surface (on the ground) 

استخر پیش ساخته زرفام سایز 2 در 3.5 متر

Technical specifications of 2*3.5 pool

It should be noted that if a swimming pool is used in the roof garden or building floors, the structure must bear the weight of the pool and the water inside it

You can get this pool complete with facilities at an extremely economical price

استخر پیش ساخته 2 در 3.5

Zarfam prefabricated swimming pool equipment, size 2 * 3.5

Waterproof halogen lights

Inlet nozzles

Water outlet fitting


No need for sealing

Fast installation (24 hours)

Easy transportation


Warranty and after-sales service

Low maintenance cost