Uses of hippopak pool water purification and disinfection products

Hippopak pool disinfection and water purification products

In order to keep the water of all kinds of swimming pools hygiene, one must consider the principles so that they do not get damaged or polluted over time, changing the pool water in short intervals is very expensive. The best method is to use suitable chemicals that, in addition to the cleanliness of the pool, do not harm human health. Zarfam Kandu Technology Development Company with the brand name Hippopak, as a knowledge-oriented company in research and development, with an active R&D department in various fields, has produced a package to meet this need at a low cost and accessible to all. It should be noted that this product is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Hippopak pool disinfectant and water purification package includes the following:

Pool water anti-algae solution

Long-term storage of water in pools and maintaining quality and hygiene at the highest level have always been the concern of pool owners. Definitely, the most important thing is to maintain the chemical balance of the pool and keep the proper pH.

Pool water clarifying solution

One of the problems that may occur with swimming pool water is its turbidity. In such cases, the cause of the turbidity must first be discovered and the pool’s filtration checked. Sometimes the cause of the problem is due to a small defect.

Pool water pH regulator solution

The pH of water is an indicator of its acidity rate, but the alkalinity of water is an indicator of its resistance to pH changes.

The pH standard of pool water is in the optimal range between 7.2 and 7.6 because water disinfection is effective in this range. pH is one of the most important physical and chemical properties of pool water. In the meantime, maintaining the pH range according to the standard is the most important feature of the pool water from a chemical point of view.

Chlorine and pH measuring kit

Swimming pool water is tested to ensure the health and quality of water. In order to have a completely hygienic, clean and safe swimming pool, we must regularly perform the required pool water tests (physical-chemical, microbial and biological).

Swimming pool water purification and disinfection tablet (chlorine tablet)

Disinfection is one of the most important topics in the provision of swimming pool water hygiene. The use of chlorine and its compounds is one of the most common methods of disinfecting swimming pool water, which is used in many swimming pools due to its effectiveness, simplicity and lower cost.

Prevention of contamination of newly filled pools

Treatment of contaminated pools

Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company

N Farasakht ovin Zarfam Company, a subsidiary of Faranegar Zarfam Holding, has been working in the field of production and technology transfer of the composite industry and providing services to the owners of various industries in Iran since 2005.

Relying on the power of experienced engineers and designers, this knowledge-based company produces up-to-date and efficient products in the fields of construction, petrochemical, power plants and various other industries.

One of the activities of Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company is the production of prefabricated fiberglass pools.

Taking into account the change in lifestyle and the need of families today to increase the quality of life and improve health and comfort, this company has provided fiberglass pools through the technical knowledge of engineers and under the license of Mixonall Germany.

Project planning and control

Project planning and control in the organization is defined and prioritized according to its macro strategies and taking into account the needs of customers and the market elasticity of the projects, which need to be managed and controlled according to the schedule and budgeting with standard methods.

The goal of this company to create project planning and control is to:

Respond to the needs of senior management of the organization

Monitor and control project to ensure the fulfillment of your customers’ needs

Implement activities systematically in projects to manage the delivery time of each product

Quality Control

The quality control process at Farasakht Novin Zarfam takes place in 3 stages, which include the following:

Input item control

In-process control

Final product control

In the input control stage, input items such as raw materials used in production are tested and inspected to ensure the quality of the purchased materials. In-process control is carried out to ensure compliance with basic instructions and designs in the production unit, which is active in all production stages.

In the final product control stage, the final manufactured product is subject to visual inspections, hydrostatic testing of straps and connections, and dimensional controls. Storage, transportation and loading are also carried out under the supervision of quality control. All these activities are done to ensure that the quality product are provided to our dear customers and obtain their satisfaction. Also, all the activities of the company, including the quality control unit, have been compiled and implemented under the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard.


Farasakht Novin Zarfam Company under the license of Mixonall, Germany, has started manufacturing fiberglass swimming pools. With ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 international certificates, this company has proven quality and capability in accordance with global standards in the composite manufacturing industry.

Certificate of Appreciation

Some of the commendation plaques of Farasakht Novin Zarfam Construction Company:

Certificate of appreciation of the 18th International Exhibition of Kitchen Industries and Equipment

Certificate of appreciation of the international exhibition of sports and sports equipment